Spiderriders Grasshopfamily

First Appearance

Dark World







English voice actor

Carman Melville

Japanese voice actor

Shigeru Chiba

Weeval is an Invectid, and the wife of Larva P. Grasshop.


Weeval appears taller than her husband and her exoskeleton is a bright shade of pink. Weeval would often employ curfews on her husband which she would then insist he follow or he wouldn't get his dinner. Though she is a difficult taskmaster, she loves her husband very much and thinks highly of him. As she once told Hunter Steele, her husband may be a goof, but he's her goof. When Hunter told her that Grasshop was safe she was very relieved. She and Grasshop have two little children named Step & Jump. She, along and the two were scared when the ground started shaking durning the Spider Riders battle with Mantid and she told her children that if they wanted Grasshop to come home and save them they should wish for it to happen. Upon doing just that Grasshop walked in the door, much to Weeval's delight.



  • Weeval and her husband are voiced by the same voice actor in both the english and japanese version of the series.
  • Weeval is unnamed in Japan.

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