Village Girl
Village girl-SR

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Princely Power







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A young Village Girl who once sought out help from Prince Lumen of Arachna and the Spider Riders in protecting her home from the Invectids.


An unnamed girl in a village attacked by the Invectids once came to Lumen for help, Lumen fell for the girl instantly and offered to do everything in his power to assist her. She was very grateful at first, but after she watched him negotiate with the Invectids instead of attacking them she told him that she was very disappointed in him and refused to speak with the prince further. She was later attacked by an Invectid officer after he and his men broke their treaty with the prince. When she was about to be harmed, Lumen himself stepped in to protect her himself. Upon the Invectids defeat the girl humbly thanked the prince.



  • The Village Girl's name is not mentioned once throughout her debut episode.

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