Original Airdate

August 20, 2006



Episode Number



Return of a Friend


Lumen's Love

Full Recap

Hunter Steele catches Magma as he's about to go out on patrol, and begs him to let him tag along out of boredom. While out on there patrol they happen upon an ancient school that teaches people about the Spirit Oracle. There they discover a mask less Aqune in an ancient school with no knowledge of how she arrived there. Magma quickly notices that not only is she not wearing her mask, but her manacle is also missing. Fearful for Portia, Magma persuades Hunter that they should stay and spy on Aqune.

For a time Magma's fears appear to be groundless. The next day, Aqune goes missing. Magma and the Monk Leader find Hunter, and together they start a search for her. They eventually find her in a part of the school that is normally forbidden to enter. There they discover that she was still under Buguese control, and that she had been looking for something for him. Soon Hunter and Magma battle Aqune and Portia, who declares her brother Brutus is an enemy, Buguese then arrives and takes back Aqune since there search apparently turned up nothing.

Back in Arachna, Hunter is accosted by Corona. Who is angry at him for leaving the castle without telling anyone where he was going.

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  • "Hunter, have you seen Aqune?"
    "I just woke up."
Magma searches for Aqune, while Hunter is more concerned that his nap was interrupted.


  • Notice, this is the first episode in which Portia speaks.
  • in Japanese, the song Aqune hums is the second ending theme, Koi no Keshiki.