SpiderRiders TheShardsOfTheOracle

The book The Shards of the Oracle is the main basis for the Spider Riders television series.


When thirteen-year-old Hunter Steele chases a spider into a mysterious cave, he ends up falling straight down to the center of the Earth, into the fantastic subterranean world of Arachnia. Here, he discovers a small band of elite warriors struggling to survive and to save Arachnia from the attack of giant insect mutants. The warriors are kids, just like Hunter, each fighting with the help of their own three-ton, ten-foot battle spiders. They call themselves "Spider Riders."
In Shards of the Oracle, Hunter arrives in Arachnia just as a magical stone tablet known as the Oracle has been stolen and smashed into eight pieces, each hidden in a hostile location. Hunter wants to help, but first he must capture, train, and learn to trust the spider who will be his partner, a colossal Wanderer Spider, he names Shadow. Together, Hunter, Shadow, and the other Spider Riders battle to recover the Oracle and restore its power.


Background Information

  • Shards of the Oracle (Spider Riders: Book One) of a three book series of novels.


  • The book contains an 8-page color insert.
  • The land of Arachna is called Arachnia in the books.