Lost Mariner
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The Lost Mariner was a man noted to be the greatest sailor in the Inner World. He is the great, great, great grandfather of the ship builder Quint.


When the Lost Mariner was young he helped Quake deliver two of the Oracle Keys to Nuuma. Many years later he helps the Spider Riders get through a fog when they were under attack from Beerain and her Buzzrays in "Ghost Ship".

With the task done, he mysteriously disappeared, frightening Igneous, believing he was a ghost. Whether or not he is a ghost is not revealed, until Quake and the Riders defeat Mantid. When he and his ship arrive to retrieve Quake.



  • The backstory and attributes of the Lost Mariner and his ship were inspired by the actual Flying Dutchman and it's phantom crew of nautical lore.
  • The Lost Mariners' birth name is never revealed at any point during the animated series.

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