The Igneous Fanclub is a group of girls who adore Comander Igneous, of the Spider Riders. While discussing wether or not going to Nuuma was the correct choice, Igneous was ambushed by members of the fanclub. Many of whom assumed that he had already volunteered to go do to a miscommunication. Many members of the Igneous fanclub wished Igneous well before he left on his mission for Nuuma. The fanclub was at first very disheartened by his absence, they met some of Igneous's fellow knights. By the time Igneous returned from Nuuma, all the girls had acquired boyfriends.


  • Porous
  • Gem
  • Emerald
  • Several unnamed memebrs



  • It's never stated whether or not the Igneous Fanclub was disbanded once the girls all found boyfriends or not.

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