The Confrontation

Original Airdate

January 25, 2007



Episode Number



Bitter Revenge


Protectors of Life

Hunter Steele regains consciousness after Stags gains the upper hand in their duel. While Buguese and Aqune attack raid sanctuary for the Oracle Key.

Full Recap

All seems lost when a fierce battle with Stags leaves Hunter buried under a pile of rubble. Quick thinking by Shadow protects his rider from harm and the battle resumes. However, Hunter and the others realize that something isn't right. They then realize that Stags is keeping the Spider Riders from the real battle, a battle where Buguese and Aqune are fighting to take the second Nuuman Key from Igneous and Prince Lumen.

Even Grasshop is unsure of how to stop his former comrades before the castle is taken. Upon discovering Stags' ruse, Hunter confronts the Commander, accusing him of fighting without honor. With encouragement from the Nuumans and Corona calling upon the third Oracle Key, Hunter and Shadow are able to transform again and muster the strength needed to defeat Stags in one final clash of swords. After the smoke clears, Stags stands relatively unharmed. Though he happily claims his "warrior spirit" has been broken. Stag's congratulates Hunter and Shadow on there achievement and stagers backwards. Hunter tries to save him from falling off the castle's edge but is to late, and the former Invectid Commander falls to his apparent doom.

After taking a moment to feel sympathy for the loss of so honorable a warrior, Hunter and the others rush to aid Igneous and the prince in fighting off the other Invectid forces. They find Buguese and Aqune attempting to steal the Key and confront them. Buguese concludes that Stags has failed in his mission to stall them and plans to chide him later. Hunter points out Buguese cruelty of righting his comrades. Buguese argues that he does not have nor need such things and unleashes his new Battle Beetle upon Hunter, claiming that Hunter doesn't stand a chance against it. Hunter and Shadow disagree and charge at the Invectid machine...

Featured Characters


  • "Not helping"- often repeated line.


  • A scene of Buguese hitting Illuma was cut out of the dub version of the episode.