Step & Jump

First Appearance

Dark World


one Male one Female





English voice actor


Japanese voice actor


Step and Jump are the two children of Grasshop and Weeval. They think their father is much cooler than he actually is.


Everyday, when there father came home they would greet him warmly and ask him how his day went. When they, along with there mother were informed of Grasshop's demotion from the Big Four they were not disappointed in him at all. They argued that despite the discommendation, he was still a hero to them.

When they first met Hunter Steele they were afraid of him. But once he told them he knew there father they quickly warmed up to the human. When he told them that Grasshop was safe they were very happy. When Step and Jump were frightened by the ground shaking during the Spider Riders battle with Mantid there mother told them that if they wished strong enough, that there father would come home and save them. Upon hoping for this Grasshop walked in the door, much to their delight.



  • There mother Weeval often calls at least one of the children Bugsy. It's difficult to tell if the word is an actual name or perhaps only a kind of affectionate nickname.

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