Spies and Lies

Original Airdate

January 23, 2007



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Nuuma Castle (episode)

The Spider Riders aren't certain if they can trust Grasshop yet and interrogate the Invectid. While Beerain distracts the Spider Riders and tries to lure Grasshop back with a promise to reinstate him in the Big Four.

Full Recap

The Spider Riders interrogate Grasshop, hoping to find out what the Invectids' plans for the Oracle Keys. Meanwhile, Buguese sends Beerain to delay them so Aqune can uncover a way through the Spirit Oracle's protective barrier around the floating castle.

Beerain approaches Grasshop while he's alone and entices him to help her by promising he will be reinstated in the Big Four and allowed to return to his family. After placing a flower that has the power to lull all near it into a deep sleep in the Spider Riders' sleeping quarters, Grasshop sneaks off, guilt-ridden. Unfortunately Sparkle and Hotarla were not affected by the plant, because as soon as they saw it they decided to follow Grasshop and ask him were he found it so they could pick more. When Beerain threatens to harm Sparkle, Grasshop is forced to make a difficult choice. Grasshop defends Sparkle and in doing so proves he is trustworthy to the other Spider Riders, who knew something was odd about the flower from the beginning and only played along to find out what was going on.

With her plan foiled Beerain challenges Hunter to a duel and summons The Coliseum. Suspicious that she will try something underhanded, Hunter accepts. However, Beerain fights fair the entire duel, which lasts well into the next day. After hours of fighting Beerain retreats, much to the confusion of Grasshop and the riders.

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  • "No! I can't let you!"
    "Grasshop! Don't you want to see your family?!"
    "Of course I want to see my family again! But if I let you hurt the princess, I'd never be able to look them in the eye! Princess Sparkle is under my protection."
Grasshop choses sides and protects Sparkle from Beerain.


  • It's unknown whether the flower Beerain gave Grasshop was from the Forest of Bewilderment or stolen from the village of Fragrant Blooms. Since the pollen appears not to affect Invectids it seems the more likely that the plant came from the forest.
  • This episode marks the last time the coliseum appears in the series.