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The Spiders are one of the natural inhabitants of the Inner World.

Unlike the normal-sized spiders of the outer world the spiders of the Inner World grow to at least three feet tall and at least five feet in length. These spiders posses an exo-skeleton of natural armor. But the battle spiders’ (as spiders of the Inner World are most often referred too) most unique ability is the power of speech. Battle Spiders can communicate with both Humans and Invectids with ease.

They are very fast and have endurance that allows them to run long and far. Offensively, they can fire organically-generated webs from natural orifices near the front and back of their bodies, these webs are highly versatile and can be used for many purposes. Such as swinging their bulk across chasms, spin bridges, and ensnare their enemies.

The spiders and humans are formidable warriors when partnered together, and it was for this reason that the Spider Riders exist.

Battle SpidersEdit

Members of the Spider race include but are not limited to:


  • In the book series Spiders speak telepathically, and then only to their respective riders. While the Spiders of the animated series appear to speak using spoken words that all humans can hear and understand.
  • The term "Battle Spider" has come to mean both Spiders in general and the Spiders who serve Arachna Kingdom. The origin of the term from a production standpoint is unknown. Some supplementary materials mention an "Ancestral Lord of Spiders", but the term was used sporadically. During the first season, Corona mentioned the first Spider to team up with a human rider in "Memories of Champions". Indicating that it may be the Ancestral Lord, but that was never confirmed.

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