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SP SphereBeetle

The Sphere Beetle is an Invectid Machine that has three forms. The first form looked like nothing more than a little harmless balls called "Sparkling Sphere" which the children of Arachna Kingdom found in a crack deep in the ground. The second form is when the orbs fuse to create a light built Invectid robot. In this form it uses telekinesis to use hypnotised children as a shield. The complete form is created when the last unclaimed orbs (too deep in the crack to reach) fuse into the beetle to create a heavier built beetle. It still keeps its telekinetic powers but since it is so large it cannot use human shields as effectively requiring a camouflage technique that could rendered itself invisible.



  • In the Japanese version of the episode, Grasshop's Sphere Beetle "speaks" while in the English version it doesn't say anything at all.

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