Sparkling Sphere
Sp sparklingsphere

First Appearance

Spider Rider's Ball!


Grasshop (creator)
Princess Sparkle of Arachna (owner)


To infiltrate the Kingdom of Arachna.
To transform into the Sphere Beetle and conquer it for the Invectid Nation.


The last surviving sphere is in the possession of Sparkle.

Sparkling Sphere's are seemingly harmless orbs that closely resemble a crystal ball.


One day some of the children of Arachna Kingdom found many of the spheres hidden in a deep crack in a small cave. Princess Sparkle wanted a sparkling sphere herself but did not know how to find one. Hunter later discovered where the children found there spheres and got one for her. Later that night Sparkle accidentally turned her sphere black while trying to make it look more interesting with paint.

Later that same night Grasshop invaded the city and used the sparkling spheres to control the children, though the paint on her sphere shielded Sparkle from its hypnotic effects. The spheres formed a giant robot called Sphere Beetle. Grasshop had the Sphere Beetle use the captured children as a shield against the Spider Riders and rendered itself invisible so it can attack Hunter and Shadow. However, thanks to the fact that Sparkle's black sphere remained visible, Hunter and Shadow were able to turn the tables on Grasshop and destroy the machine. After all the other spheres were destroyed, Sparkle was aloud to keep her own sphere since it was now harmless.



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