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This article is about the relationship between Princess Sparkle of Arachna and the Invectid Grasshop.

As enemiesEdit

Grasshop was originally one of Sparkle's enemies, albeit indirectly, Grasshop was a member of the Invectid army and the Invectids Big Four, bent on conquering Arachna and capturing the Oracle Keys, actually attacking her brother and friends on multiple occasions. Despite this Sparkle did not see Grasshop as evil, and even found his quirks to be quit humorous. Sparkle and Grasshop first met as official enemies when Grasshop stole one of the Oracle Keys from Nuuma, which resulted in Sparkle transforming and taking the key back from him by force.

As alliesEdit

Upon meeting again in the port town of Fuushuwa, Sparkle had decided to forgive Grasshop for his past actions. She quickly became quite fond of the now ousted Invectid, even allowing him to accompany her on her quest to catch up to her brother and the Spider Riders. Upon learning he had a family with children of his own, she was both touched by his stories about them and hopeful that he would see them all again someday soon. From that point on the pair was practically inseparable.

Sparkle often took it upon herself to protect her beloved "Uncle Hop", as she now called him from both physical harm, and the teasing of the other Spider Riders. While in return, Grasshop often tried to keep her out of danger. The pair grew so close that, like one of his own children, Sparkle began to imitate some of his speech patterns and mannerisms.


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