Book 3 - Sklar the Soul Eater

First Appearance

Reign of the Soul Eater




Unknown (possibly Invectid)




Invectid Nation

Sklar the Soul Eater is an ancient evil that lies hidden in a tomb beneath a desert. Its power is kept in check by five mystic gems.

Sklar is an ancient malevolent force. He is a fifty foot skeleton-like being with mind-probing abilities. Sklar is bent on destroying the Humans of the Inner World and once came into conflict with the Spirit Oracle because of his desire to destroy them. When the pair fought, Sklar was defeated by the Oracle when she sealed him inside a tomb. It wasn't until thousands of years later that he was freed by the Invectids to try again, only to be defeated again, this time by Hunter Steele and the Spider Riders.



  • Sklar only exists in the Spider Rider book series.

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