First Appearance

Grasshop's Misfortunes







English voice actor

Japanese voice actor

Tetsuya Sakai

Scarab is a beetle-type Invectid and leader of an Invectid transport platoon seen in the episode "Grasshop's Misfortunes".


Scarab once captured Prince Lumen and Igneous, and Princess Sparkle as they were traveling through forested land when they see Grasshop with the group. Scarab assumes the commander was already in the process of subduing the three when he and his men arrived. Scarab took the three into custody and requested that Grasshop take charge of him and his troops before they arrive in Nuuma. But when Grasshop hesitated at the idea Scarab become concerned. He sent out a Messanger Bug to ask of Grasshop's status. He quickly discovered Grasshop's demotion. When he went to confront the former member of the Big Four, it was to find Grasshop apparently adding the enemy. When Scarab tried to attack Sparkle, he instead hurt Grasshop. This caused all three Spider Riders to unleash their wraith upon him and destroy his transport.

Scarab apparently survived this encounter however, and was seen taking commands directly from Stags himself during the invasion of Nuuma Castle.



  • It's uncertain if Scarab actually survived Igneous and Lumen's attack on his transport, but the Invectid officer who reported to Stags during the Nuuma invasion looked and sounded remarkably like him.

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