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Quotation1 No matter the outcome, I must fight to the end to protect all the living beings of the Inner World. Quotation2

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English voice actor

Tim Hamaguchi

Japanese voice actor

Takehito Koyasu





Battle Partner

Prince Lumen of Arachna, Magma


Battle Spider Flame

Igneous is the brilliant young commander in the Arachna military.


Igneous is a calm and stoic young man, though beneath his stoic exterior, hides a fiery temper. Igneous acts like a kind of a mentor to Hunter Steele, Arachna's newest Spider Rider. Igneous has a strong sense of honor, and hates to break the rules. Igneous has the utmost confidence in Prince Lumen. While he denies it, Igneous has also shown to be afraid of ghosts, or Phasmophobia.


Igneous has indigo hair and hazel eyes. Although it is never mentioned explicitly, Igneous appears to be about seventeen to nineteen years old.

Civilian AttireEdit


Igneous often wears a black long sleeve shirt, under a shorter cream yellow shirt. Igneous also wears a white scarf. He also wears a white belt around his waist. Igneous also often wears black pants and knee high black boots.

Spider Rider ArmorEdit

Igneous wears a shoulder pad seemingly made of gold on his left shoulder. He also possesses a white cape, a pair of long white gloves and white and gold boots.


Igneous is very strong warrior. As a command officer, it's his duty to plan the movements of the Arachna army.


Not much is known of Igneous's past, including his family and home village. It is also unknown how he meet his spider Flame or became a Spider Rider.

Igneous was once an Arachnian knight who was a good friend and rival to Slate. They were both known as the legendary "Fang and Claw of Arachna" to everyone. Sometime later Igneous fought against Stags of the Invectids "Big Four" alongside Flame, Corona and Battle Spider Venus. Despite his efforts, he and the others barely survived the encounter.

Later when the young Earthen boy Hunter Steele and his partner Battle Spider Shadow arrived at Arachna Castle for training, Igneous participated an elaborate plan to test the pair in a duel. Hunter and Shadow fought hard, but Igneous was able to defeat both with relative ease. However near the end of the duel Hunter and Shadow acquitted themselves well. It was then revealed by Igneous and the prince that the duel had in fact been a test, which both rider and spider past.

One day, while walking Princess Sparkle around the town. Igneous lost site of the little princess. It was only thanks to the surprise return of his old friend Slate, that he found her. Overjoyed at seeing his old friend again, Igneous invited Slate to the palace. Igneous was later confused and dismayed when his old friend challenged him to a duel. However, Igneous was saved from having to harm his old friend when he learned from Hunter that the entire ordeal had been orchestrated by "Big Four" member Grasshop, who had been blackmailing Slate.

When Hunter and Magma attempted to help a struggling theater owner due to his play about the legendary hero, Quake, not being interesting enough. Igneous was the most hesitant of the riders to help. However, he eventually changed his mind ended and up helping in the play after all. Though he was very unhappy and being cast as an Invectid officer.

When a Nuuman Page arrived from Nuuma kingdom with an Oracle Key in his possession and revealed that Stags had invaded Nuuma. Igneous helped repel an invasion led by Buguese and Beerain. While everyone else wished to go to Nuuma, Igneous was against the idea. Worried that the Invectids would attack Arachna with all the Spider Riders absent. His fears were soothed when Slate arrived in Arachna was appointed the task of protecting the people.

On the way to Nuuma Igneous, along with Flame, Lumen and Battle Spider Ebony where separated from Hunter and his group. While on the way they ran into Princess Sparkle and Hotarla, who had been following them since they left Fuushuwa. Igneous learned that Sparkle and Hotarla had been traveling with Grasshop, former member of the Big Four. Not long afterward, Igneous's party were all captured by the Invectid transport commander Scarab. Igneous then helped Sparkle and Lumen defeat the Invectid and his troops before starting off for Nuuma once more. Igneous along with the rest of his group then happened upon Buguese just as he had recaptured Aqune and had been about to finish off Hunter's group.

When the Invectids laid siege to Nuuma Castle, Igneous fought to protect Queen Illuma and the Nuuman Oracle Key. Despite his efforts, he was overpowered by Buguese and Aqune and the Nuuman key was stolen. Though he and the other Spider Riders managed to protect the people of Nuuma from the Invectid invasion.

When Hunter proposed going to the Invectid Nation to negotiate with Mantid for peace, Igneous initially argued against the idea. Igneous was eventually swayed however and accompanied the group to the Labyrinth. Once the Spider Riders infiltrated the labyrinth, Igneous watched as Hunter and Shadow were separated from them when a bridge crumbled beneath their feet. Upon meeting with Hunter again at the exit to the labyrinth, Igneous also met the legendary hero Quake for the first time.

Later Igneous in fighting Buguese in his new Battle Beetle, the Dark Opal but was swiftly defeated. He also witnessed Dark Opal steal the last of Oracle's power from Hunter's two keys. After that Igneous tried to attack Mantid when he appeared before the Spider Riders to gloat about his victory. With little effort, Igneous was paralyzed before being summarily thrown to the ground. After Mantid left Igneous and the others were saved from the mind controlled Aqune do to the intervention of Buguese, removing Aqune's Mask. Igneous, along with everyone else was witness to the sudden appearance of the Spirit Oracle when she appeared to stop Hunter's final blow from finishing Mantid. With Mantid gone and the Inner World safe, Igneous chased Hunter and Shadow atop Flame.


Igneous has many friends, as he is the captain of the Spider Riders many of them soldiers admire him. He is quite popular, and even had his own fan club in Arachna.

His oldest friend is an Arachnian knight Slate. They form a duo known as Arachna's Claw and Fang, Igneous being Fang, and Slate Claw. Together they trained to serve Arachna.

Igneous is very protective of the royalty of the Arachna Kingdom, and always offer his help to prince Lumen and princess Sparkle. While in Nuuma Igneous had a crush on the Queen, Illuma. Once Igneous returned to Arachna, he learned the ladies in his fan club had all found boyfriends while he was away. Igneous was felt crushed upon hearing the news.




  • Ironically, Igneous's name is from Igneous rock, which is what forms after Magma is cooled, which happens to be the name of another dedicated Spider Rider, Magma.
  • Igneous is called Ignus in the Japanese version. This is not an edit, because his name was Igneous in the original novel series. It is debatable whether his name was meant to be Igneous in both versions, but it is written as "イグナス" (I-gu-na-su) on the official Japanese site.

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