SpiderRiders TheReignOfTheSoulEater

The book Reign of the Soul Eater is the main basis for the Spider Riders television series.


With the defeat of Mantid the Malevolent, the Spider Riders' greatest enemy, peace has come to the Inner World. The powers of the Oracle, wise protector of Arachnia's people, the Turandot, have been restored. But Mantid has a new scheme: unleash an ancient force of stunning evil Sklar the Soul Eater, a 50-foot skeleton with mind-probing abilities bent on destroying the Turandot. The Oracle rouses the Spider Riders to action: Hunter Steele, the young hero from the surface world; Corona, the brave warrior; Igneous, the bold commander; Magma, the mercenary; and even the young Turandot princess mount their giant battle spiders for a mission—one that will test their courage and dedication as never before.


Background InformationEdit

  • Reign of the Soul Eater (Spider Riders: Book Three) of a three book series of novels.


  • The book contians an 8-page color insert.
  • The land of Arachna is called Arachnia in the books.

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