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Journey Of Champions

In the port town of Fuushuwa, lives a man by the name Quint who is a famous builder of ships. Two of the vessels he built were considered the finest representation of a typical Inner World sailing/fishing vessel.

Quint's first ShipEdit

This ship rested inside Quints workshop for many years, before that the ship operated for years in the Fuushuwa harbor as a fishing vessel. years later the Spider Riders came to Fuushuwa in the hopes of finding a boat that would take them to the kingdom of Nuuma. The town mayor told them of Quint and his fine ship, the only one currently capable of getting up past Fuushuwa's famous upside down waterfall. Quint however refused to lend the use of the ship to the Spider Riders for fear that it would be damaged during there mission. A short time later Buguese of the "Big Four" himself appeared in Fuushuwa. His mission to destroy any ships capable of taking the trip to Nuuma. Though both Quint and Hunter Steele tried to protect it. The ship was eventually destroyed by Buguese and his Battle Beetle.

Quint's second ShipEdit

Thankfully Quint had one other ship of the same design available for use and lent it to the Spider Riders. This ship served the Spider Riders well on there trip to Nuuma. Such as being able to glide over a layer of water mixed with lava, as well as surviving an attack by Beerain and her Buzzrays. Unfortunately the ship was damaged beyond the riders ability to repair after an attack by Aqune and Battle Spider Portia. While the ship did reach it's destination safely, it was concluded that it would never sail again.


  • Despite the Spider Rider efforts to protect both ships, both are destroyed or damaged beyond repair due to the Invectids.

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