SpiderRiders QuestOfTheEarthen

The book Quest of the Earthen is the main basis for the Spider Riders television series.


Hunter Steele never gives up—not when he was living on the surface of the earth and not now that he's fallen into the earth's core, into the realm of the Turandot, a human race locked in never-ending battle with the Insectors, a giant insect-type race. With his 10-foot-tall battle spider, Shadow the Untamed, Hunter has already proved himself worthy of joining the elite force known as the Spider Riders. Their mission: to restore the stolen shards of the Oracle, source of their society's power and protection.
But five of the shards are still in the possession of Mantid, a cruel and merciless mastermind. Far from the safety of their plateau city, the Spider Riders must defeat Mantid's allies, Fungus Brain, whose powers of telepathy are greater than their own, and Aqune, a traitorous former Spider Rider who has created her own fearsome force of Mecha-Spiders. Only then can Hunter Steele undertake the final, most dangerous mission alone—to penetrate the heart of Mantid's mighty fortress and prove himself a full-fledged Spider Rider.


Background InformationEdit

  • Quest of the Earthen (Spider Riders: Book Two) of a three book series of novels.


  • The book contians an 8-page color insert.
  • The land of Arachna is called Arachnia in the books.

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