Queen Illuma

First Appearance

Key to the City







English voice actor

Julie Lemieux

Japanese voice actor

Yuko Kobayashi

Queen Illuma is the queen of Nuuma, sometimes addressed as Queen Nuuma.


Upon meeting the Spider Riders for the first time Illuma quickly sensed a familiar connection concerning Corona and Nuuma. When Illuma attempted to discover more about Corona's childhood, Corona was only able to reveal that she could recall only her parents named her "Corona". It was later revealed that Illuma recognized Corona and her sister, Aqune, from when they were children who often visited Nuuma and that they are both Oracle Handmaids.

Illuma initially rejected the Spider Riders' offer to defend to castle because she feared they were too young. However, after Hunter, Corona and Magma disobeyed her orders and ran off, she asked all her troops to fight under the command of the Spider Riders.

Igneous had a secret crush on her, but his feelings were not reciprocated as Illuma had already fallen for her page, Solan. At one point it looked as if she had been running into Igneous' arms but she was really running past Igneous into Solan's arms.

Later, she and the people of her kingdom looked upon helplessly as the Oracle Sun began to die do to Mantid's stealing Oracle's power. Illuma later witnessed the Oracle Sun return after nearly being permanently extinguished.



  • Queen Illuma in the English version of the series is called Elma in the Japanese version.
  • Queen Illuma's English name may be a play on the word "illuminate".

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