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A promotional poster for Quake, Arachna Warrior for Goodness featuring Hunter and Shadow.

Quake, Arachna Warrior for Goodness is a play performed by a small theatrical troupe. The play follows the adventures of the legendary hero Quake.

The play begins with Quake meeting and forming an alliance with his spider. The play then progresses to Quake's escapades in the Arachna Kingdom. The play also shows some of Quakes battles against the Invectids and ends with the defeat of an Invectid general at his hands, his killing the enemies evil spirit and telling him to live a good and productive life.


Each act in the play is based on one of the moments in Quakes life.

Act 1Edit

  • Quake meets a spider, and once he demonstrates his amazing powers by calling down a mighty storm, the two become partners.

Act 2Edit

  • Quake attempts to fight off attacking Invectids but Katarina tries to stop him due to the fact that he'd been injured recently and his wounds hadn't fully healed. Quakes' friend Alexi appears in the scene and argues that Quake should be allowed to fight.

Act 3Edit

  • Quake and the leader of the Invectid forces face each other in battle. After a lengthy duel, Quake defeats his opponent but spares his life.


Once, the Spider Riders preformed the play in place of the original troupe. Near the conclusion of the plays story, Grasshop tried to ambush the Spider Riders, assuming they would be in the audience. With the audience unaware of what was really happening, a battle took place instead of the scripted conclusion. When Hunter Steele (who had been playing the role of Quake) attempted to finish the Invectid off, he accidentally tripped and missed. In doing so Hunter remembered that Quake would not have slain a helpless enemy. Hunter then returned to character and improvised. Finishing the play by telling Grasshop that he had only killed the evil in his spirit, not his body.


Critics were often negative toward the production, with hardly anyone showing up to watch when the production first arrived in the city. It's time in the circuit seemed over, however, with the help of a one time performance from the real Spider Riders the play truly made an impression. The original troupe members liked it so much that they eagerly returned to assist in clean-up after an Invectid raid damaged the set despite resigning their positions hours before.

Cast of CharactersEdit


  • The play is named after Quake himself.
  • The play is also referred to as "The Adventures of Hero Quake".
  • There are two different versions of the play's poster. One features a member of the original cast, while the other features Hunter and Shadow.
  • While he is spoken of in the play, Dagger is never named as such at any point.

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