Original Airdate

November 26, 2006



Episode Number



Ghost Ship



The Spider Riders end up in a place where they are offered the decision to give up their lives as Spider Riders and live peacefully. Will Hunter and the others throw away their Manacle's and obligations to live peaceful lives?

Full Recap

When Hunter, Corona, Magma and their spiders regain consciousness, they find themselves deep in a forest. Aqune appears, ready to fight but her mask shatters and crumbles from her face when she tries to call upon the Oracle Keys power again, releasing her and Portia from their spell. After a joyous reunion between brother and sister spiders, Buguese attacks, determined to capture the Oracle Keys and Aqune.

During all the fighting a tear in reality opens, sucking the Spider Riders and their spiders up, one by one, and leaving only Buguese behind to wonder what happened. The Spider Riders then find themselves in what appears to be a paradise and a seemingly kind woman tries to persuade them into giving up fighting and just enjoy their lives in peace.

Hunter and Shadow begin to fall under the woman's spell and Hunter is almost tempted to throw away his manacle, but the Oracle calls out to them. Both Hunter and Shadow shake off the woman's spell and demand to be freed. As if on command, they all end up back in the forest where they began and come face to face with a mysterious old man.

Featured Characters


  • "Wow, your muscles are like, so tight."
    "You should like totally stop working so hard."
    "Your so right, it's time for me to make time for me."
Corona gets a massage and some advice to take better care of herself.
  • "Haha! Surf's up!"- Magma invents a new sport, "Spider Surfing".


  • Corona and Hunter's quote "Be Happy", which was once a 70's music catch phrase that has since lost popularity.
  • Much of the fantasy world's appearance must have been taken from Hunter's mind. Due to the fact that the sun in the sky sharing little resemblance to the Oracle's Sun. Also, when Hunter and Shadow were at the beach, Corona, Aqune and Magma's bathing suits looked very much like what would be worn by people from the Outer World.