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Inner World


Queen Illuma
Nuuman Page
The People of Nuuma


The People of Nuuma
Oracle's Handmaidens

Nuuma is the city state that exists in the Inner World. It is where Queen Illuma lives. It's the ally and neighbor to the Arachna Kingdom. It is a desert city, inside it's castle lies two of the four Oracle Keys. The mighty Stags of the Invectids once invaded it to obtain the Oracle Keys that resided there.


It is said that the hero Quake once journeyed to Nuuma on a mission to deliver an Oracle Key to the Oracle's Handmaids, this key was later spirited out of Nuuma to keep it out of Invectid hands.

Nuuma is home to the women known as the Oracle's Handmaids. The Oracle granted these select few the ability to wield her power to an even greater degree than that of the Spider Riders.

Places of InterestEdit

Nuuma Castle- Nuuma Castle is the capital of the Kingdom of Nuuma.


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