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The Monk Leader lives at and administrates an Oracle school.


One day, he and some of his students found an unmasked Aqune and without her Manacle. Aqune appeared to no knowing of who she was or were she had come from. Knowning nothing of Aqune's connection to the Invectids, or that she was even a Spider Rider. The monk decided to take the girl in and care for her. Several day's later, Hunter Steele and Magma of the Spider Riders appeared at the school. It was then that the Monk learned of Aqune's true identity and though he was now concerned, he continued to allow her to stay.

Not long after the Monk, Hunter and Magma discover that there is an Oracle Key in the school's main Sanctuary. When he and Magma investigate, they find that Aqune is after the key, but when she tries to take it turns out to be an illusion. Angered at this Buguese unleashes Aqune and Portia's full power on the Sanctuary and the school. The monk is injured but only minerly so. Once Hunter and Magma defeat Buguese, the monk laments Aqune's fate at being controlled by someone who would only use her powers for his own ends.



  • The Monk Leader's name is never mantioned in the episode.
  • The Monk is also refered to as Headmaster.

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