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The thirteenth mission in the "Battle for Arachna" online game.

Mission: Defeat Grasshop and his MonsterEdit

The player starts at the palace, head towards the Royal room. Talk to Prince Lumen of Arachna, then leave the palace. Talk to the soldier next to the fountain and he tells you that the is a monster in town. You'll find Igneous surrounded by Invectids. He tells you that there is another problem and he wants you to take care of it. Head up to the two Invectids blocking the road. Now go up and you'll see a large Invectid monster, battle him. He doesn't use cards, his attack strength is 15, his defense is 12 and his health points are 15. He's a relatively easy opponent to defeat. Now head towards The Coliseum. There you'll find Grasshop of the Big Four. You talk to him for a bit then battle. You first have to fight an "explosion". Its attack: 10. Its defense: 10. Its life: 1. Once you've beaten it, he sends in another one. This one has the same stats. After that, talk to him again. Now Grasshop attacks you. His attack: 11. His defense: 8. His life: 20, he also uses cards. He attacks first and takes a lot of your life away, making him difficult to defeat.



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