Battle for Arachna

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The twelfth mission in the "Battle for Arachna" online game.

Mission: Protect the Turandot People of Arachna

Find some Battle Cards in the village, which should be easy to find. You start in conference hall with Prince Lumen, who will talk to you, thanking you. Pick up the key, which leads, to Princess Sparkle's room. Go to her room, picking up the cards along the way. In her room, pick up the key and the card. The keys lead to your room, where you should go next. Get the gold and the cards. Leave the fortress, picking up any cards. Go all the way north, then go right. Pick up the cards and go back to the blacksmith who hadn't finished the armor (which now is finished) and buy it from him. It should be a Rider Scale card. You now have finished all of the missions.