First Appearance

The Inner World







English voice actor

Japanese voice actor

Takako Honda

Lily is Arachna Castle's mystic seer.


Fortuneteller Lily was the first to discover that Hunter Steele had entered the Inner World and feared he would bring misfortune. Despite her predictions, Lily and Hunter became good friends during his time as a Spider Rider of Arachna.

Lily and Princess Sparkle have known each other for a long time, Lily would often predict Sparkle's fortune for the day for her. Lily was less than thrilled upon meeting Grasshop after the riders return from Nuuma, but she warmed up to him quickly when she noticed the strong bond of friendship between the Invectid and princess Sparkle.

Eventually her prediction of an Earthen bringing about great evil was proven partially correct. While Hunter saved the Inner World from the real threat of Lord Mantid, who turned out was originally an Earthen.

Like many, she was among those who witnessed both the draining, and later restoration of the Oracle Sun.



  • Lily has several means of predicting information about a person's life, past present and future. By looking into her crystal ball, an ability called crystallomancy. As well as direct clairvoyant premonitions which she often refers to as 'bad omens' if the prediction is an unhappy one.

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