King Arachna
SR King Arachna

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King Arachna was the very first Spider Rider, known for defeating the Invectid army in ancient times, an act which brought the Spider Riders' into creation.


Long ago, Arachna defended a forested valley that would later be known as, the Hill of Champions; the place where spiders and humans first fought together against the Invectids. He fought long and hard until all hope seemed lost. Until a great spider stepped forth. Moved by Arachna's conviction and dedication. The spider asked to join Arachna, since both human and spider wished to defend there forest home. The two fought side by side. However, in the end, it still wasn't enough. Then the Oracle appeared before the pair. She then gave Arachna the very first Manacle. Thus allowing spider and human to truly work as one.

The pair eventually defeated the Invectid forces and drove them off. After that, Arachna organized other humans and spiders to become the first Spider Riders and mounts.



  • Prince Lumen and Princess Sparkle are most likely decended from King Arachna.

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