Journey Of Champions

Original Airdate

November 5, 2006



Episode Number



Fateful Decision



The Spider Riders reach the town of Fuushuwa and discover they need to a ship in order to sail up Fuushuwa Falls and then across the Inner Ocean to Nuuma. When Quint, owner of the only ship in town capable of passing the falls, refuses to help them, Hunter tries to find his own way to Nuuma. Meanwhile Princess Sparkle of Arachna, who was left behind, joins up with a reformed Grasshop and they build a flying machine to travel across the sea.

Full Recap

The Spider Riders arrive in the port town of Fuushuwa in order to find a boat. But to cross the Inner ocean they must find a way past the wondrous upward falling Fuushuwa Falls which no ordinary boat can do. The mayor of Fuushuwa finds them a magnificent old ship designed for the Falls but the shipbuilder Quint, refuses to lend it for to them for there mission.

When Buguese and Beerain attack the town in an effort to destroy the ship and regain the Oracle Keys, the Spider Riders put themselves at risk to defend the people. While Hunter does everything he can to protect Quint, the ship builder is only interested in saving his ship. Hunter tries to help him but he can't be everywhere at once, and the ship is destroyed. When Hunter tires to avenge Quint's loss, he is attacked by Aqune and apparently drowns in the falls. However while Buguese gloats at the apparent demise of the earthen, Hunter emerges from the top of the falls alive and well, and ready to fight. He calls upon the Oracle Keys power and sends Buguese forces running.

That night and all of the next day, Hunter continually apologizes to Quint for being unable to protect his boat. Quint however has reexamined his views on both Hunter and the Spider Riders cause. He gives the Spider Riders one of his newest and best built ships to help them get to Nuuma. Grateful, Hunter and the other riders set sail for Nuuma at last.

Featured Characters


  • "Ahaha! I found you! Ha ha! End of the road you fools! Give me the Oracle Keys and I may spare your, huh? Lives? AHHH!"
    "Hey, did we just step on something?"
    "I didn't notice anything."
Hunter and Shadow aren't certain whether or not they ran over something. Grasshop however is very certain they did.
  • "Well at least it can't get any worse than that! Uh! Me and my big mouth!"- Grasshop's hard luck saga continues.


  • Hunter mentions the Outer World for the first time since he the first episode, specifically he talks of Niagara Falls.