Invectid Transport
SR transport I



First Appearance

Keys to Destruction


Enhanced Invectid Warriors


To transport Invectid Soldiers and cargo from one location to another.

An Invectid Transport is a medium-sized vessel used by the Invectids. These vessels are most often used to transport one or more of the "Big Four". from one location to another.

The outer appearance of an Invectid Transport greatly resembles the shell of a snail. While the technology behind the transports ability to levitate high into the air is impressive. A transport is still limited in how high it is capable of flying; indeed, on one occasion the entire Nuuma Castle was able to fly higher than any Invectid transport, albeit temporarily. Invectid transports do not appear to have any armaments aboard. Though they are large enough to carry some of the larger Battle Beetles. They are also able to carry a small complement of Invectid Soldiers.


  • It's never explained what allows Invectid transports to fly.

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