Invectid Nation
SR 1 95


Inner World


Grasshop (banished temperately)
Aqune (eventually freed to come and go as she wished)
Battle Spider Portia (eventually freed to come and go as she wished)
Step & Jump
Katydid (left to live in exile among humans)
Golden Bore
Invectid Soldier


The Invectids

The Invectid Nation (also known as the Invectid State) is a place within the Inner World. It was at war with Arachna for many years.


The Invectid Nation was once a grand fertile and thriving land created by the Spirit Oracle and inhabited by the Invectid people. So long as the Oracle Sun kept providing light to the land, the Invectids would thrive thanks to the Oracle. While

However, one day, for some inexplicable reason, light from the Oracle sun stopped shinning within Invectid lands. As time passed, the Invectid lands eventually fell into ruin from lack of sunlight. Eventually the Spider Riders and the Oracle are able to resurrect of the sun and the Invectid nation was made livable once again.

Places of InterestEdit

Castle Mantid- Also known as Fortress Mantid, is the home of the leader of the Invectid Nation, Lord Mantid himself.

Grassop's Home- Grasshop and his family live in a modest house not far from Castle Mantid.

The Labyrinth- The labyrinth is a dangerous tunnel route leading straight into the heart of Invectid territory. It is filled with long twisting frail bridges. Also, it holds many deadly traps. The creatures that live in the labyrinth are not any kind of Invectid. They are giant slug beasts that are normally very docile, though they can be provocted through high pitched sounds.

Secret Tunnels- These tunnels run under Castle Mantid and lead to many places in the Invectid territory.


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