Quotation1 No matter the outcome, I must fight to the end to protect all the living beings of the Inner World. Quotation2

First Appearance

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English voice actor

Tim Hamaguchi

Japanese voice actor

Takehito Koyasu




Spider Riders

Battle Partner

Prince Lumen



Igneous is a brilliant young command officer in the Arachna Royal Military.


Calm, though he has a bit of a short temper sometimes. He acts like a bit of a mentor to Hunter . He has a strong sense of honor, and hates to be disobeyed. He is very sure about every thing that Prince Lumen does. He has also shown to be afraid of ghost, or phasmophobia.


Igneous has indigo hair and hazel eyes.

Civilian Attire


Black long sleeves shirt, under faded yellow shirt, white scarf around chest, white belt, black pants, black boots.

Spider Rider Armor

Spider Rider Armor Gold armor on left shoulder, white cape, long white glove on left arm, white and gold boots


Not much is known of Igneous's past or a lot about him in general. His age(although he appears to be in his early 20's), family, or home village has never been revealed in the anime, but on the official Japanese website for the show, his age is revealed to be about 17-19 years old. It is also unknown how he found his Spider Flame and became a Spider Rider.


Igneous is very strong warrior. As a command officer, it's his job to work hard, and never give up to protect Aracnha and the team.


Igneous has many friends, as he is the captain of the Spider Riders. He is quite popular, and even has his own fan club of girls in Arachna.

His oldest friend is an Arachnian knight named Slate . They form a duo known as Arachna's Claw and Fang, Igneous being Fang, and Slate was Claw. Together they fight as true warriors to serve Arachna.

Igneous is proud to serve the royalty of the Arachna Kingdom, and always offer his help to prince Lumen and princess Sparkle . He has a crush on the Queen of Nuuma, Luuma. Igneous had a fan club of Arachna's castle's females, but while he was away to Nuuma, they had found boyfriends, leaving him crushed.



His battle spider, Flame, is also one of his closest friends.


  • Prince Lumen
  • Princess Sparkle
  • Corona
  • Ladies of the Igneous Club(Bit of Love Interest)
  • Hunter Steele
  • Magma
  • Grasshop
  • Slate (Best Friend and Friendly Rival)
  • Shadow
  • Ebony
  • Queen Luuma of Nuuma(Love Interest)


  • Ironically, Igneous's name is from Igneous rock, which is what forms after Magma is cooled, which happens to be the name of another dedicated Spider Rider, Magma .