Hunter's Holiday
SR Disco Dan

Original Airdate

June 18, 2006



Episode Number



The Wandering Warrior


The Mask of Aqune

Hunter Steele finally gets a break from fighting Invectids, but everyone else won't leave him in peace to sleep in peace.

Full Recap

After weeks of non-stop battle and training, Corona and Igneous arrange for Hunter to have a day off but they can't understand why he wants to spend all of it sleeping. After being woken up by nearly everyone in the castle from fortuneteller Lily to the princess, Hunter searches for a private place to steal a nap while Corona and the Spiders train together.

Only Prince Lumen understands Hunter's desire to sleep but he needs Hunter's help to impress some pretty girls. Shadow enjoys training with Flame and finally has a chance to train with Venus when Hunter's favor for Lumen turns into trouble.

Featured Characters


  • "You don't talk much do yeh?"- Shadow agrees to a friendly sparing match with Flame, and Flame gives his usual response.
  • "When I was your age, I used to beg my instructor for more drills!"- Igneous complains after his failure to get Hunter out of bed for some training.


  • It's never explained how Lumen came across a wig, a pair of sunglasses and a disco outfit in the Inner World.