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December 3, 2006



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Grasshop's Misfortunes

Hunter Steele and the Spider Riders are back in the forest where they come upon a strange old man who claims to be the hero Quake. The man's identity is in doubt.

Full Recap

When the mysterious, old man claims to be the hero Quake, Magma is beside himself with joy at meeting his childhood hero. But Hunter remains dubious until Quake shows off more of his power by sharing a vision of Castle Nuuma floating safely out of reach of the Invectids.

Hunter is eager to learn how Quake became a champion but the old hero keeps giving him menial duties. Quake then gives Hunter the task of trying to lift an immensely heavy jug as a test. Hunter nearly succeeds, until they are interrupted by Buguese and his soldiers. Hunter and Buguese fight, and Buguese losses when Hunter proves to have more endurance than the Invectid.

Before Buguese can call in more troops Quake finally shows off some of his power when he sends Buguese and his soldiers flying from the forest with a tap of his staff. Quake then shares a secret with Hunter; no one can tell you how to be a champion. One must look within oneself. After that Hunter, Corona, Aqune and a reluctant Magma leave Quake's forest and continue on there way to Nuuma.

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  • "I have all of your books, toys, even your pajamas!"- Magma lists off all of the Quake merchandising he owns to his childhood hero.
  • "This is the greatest moment of my life!"
    "I'm sorry to hear that."
Magma and Quake are properly introduced.


  • The old man who appeared near the end of the last episode is confirmed to be the hero Quake. How he ended up in the forests of Nuuma is explained later.
  • It's first hinted in this episode that Quake somehow knows Hunter's grandfather, Digger Steele.