Golden Bore
SpiderRiders Golden Bore

First Appearance

Action in Arachna







English voice actor

Japanese voice actor

Kiyoyuki Yanada

Golden Bore was a giant Invectid with the unique ability to produce an indestructible shield of pure energy. He also had the ability to expel this energy in a powerful burst that could incapacitate all his enemies in the immediate area. Golden Bore never liked to be bossed around, and tended to call Grasshop "little bug". Golden Bore loved regurgitated grubs and sugar, as the best way to get him to cooperate was in using the words "Pretty please with sugar on top". His only weakness was that when he fell on his back he couldn't get back up without assistance. Upon learning this Hunter Steele and Battle Spider Shadow attacked him when he was vulnerable, finishing Golden Bore off.



  • Golden Bore is the second Invectid battle machine with the ability to speak.
  • In the dub, whenever Golden Bore attacks his enemies. His two modes of attack are called Gold Rush and Gold Fever.

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