Ghost Spider
Ghost spider

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July 30, 2006



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Stags' Challenge


Corona's Homecoming

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Legend says whoever sees a shadow of a dancing spider will be cursed, unless the person sees the shadow again (which will remove the curse). Hunter sees the shadow. Corona then tells Hunter the tale of the Ghost Spider. The story goes: There once lived a beautiful princess who was much beloved, but one day a jealous witch placed a spell upon her. She was transformed into a spider-like monster and never heard from again. Anyone that sees the ghost spider will have bad luck until they see her again. After Igneous and Magma catch a glimpse of the ghost Hunter begins to believe in the Ghost Spider.

Hunter decides to go on search of the ghost along with Magma, Igneous, and Corona. There first attempts fail. Trouble happens when Magma and Igneous are now forbidden to go to the dance. In the end it turns out the ghost was nothing more than Princess Sparkle practicing her dancing with Hotarla. All the Spider Riders are allowed to attend the party. Only Hunter and Corona wished they practiced they're dancing more.

Featured Characters


  • "Yup you don't mess with Hunter Steele even if you are a!"
    "Ohhh yeah, your off to a great start."
Hunter slips and falls into the hole, while Shadow does nothing to protect his riders ego.


  • The princess in Corona's story closely resembles Princess Sparkle, except in that she is obviously a few years older than Sparkle.
  • It is shown for the first time that Corona is a bad cook because her stew made Magma ill.