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Fuushuwa is a port town in the Kingdom of Arachna. It is the largest sea town in all of Arachna. The "Fuushuwa Falls" are well known throughout the Inner World and is the towns key tourist attraction. Do to the unique nature of the falls, a special kind of ship is required to get up and passed the falls and to the Inner Ocean. Quint, owner and builder of ships owns these kinds of ships.


The Spider Riders once traveled to Fuushuwa on a mission to the kingdom of Nuuma, in order to charter the unique kind of ships needed in order to sail up Fuushuwa Falls to get to the Inner Ocean. Quint, owner of the only ship in town capable of passing the falls, refused to help them, Hunter tried to find his own up the falls, to no avail. After the Invectids, lead by Buguese and Beerain attacked Fuushuwa and destroyed one of Quint's ships. Quint decided to allow the Spider Riders the use of his other ship.

Meanwhile Princess Sparkle and Hotarla, who were left behind, traveled to Fuushuwa in an attempt to follow the other riders. When they arrived in town they encountered a reformed Grasshop. The three found Quint, who was helping in the towns repair efforts and asked him for a ship. When Quint told them there were no more ships capable of passing the falls Grasshop built a flying machine to travel across the sea instead.

Upon the Spider Riders return to Arachna, Hunter Steele and Corona traveled to Fuushuwa, which was still undergoing rebuilding efforts to thank Quint and apologize for allowing his second ship to be damaged beyond repair.


  • The Fuushuwa Falls are very reminiscent to the famous Niagara Falls of the Surface World. Hunter even makes a direct reference to it in the show.

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