The Forest of Bewilderment is a forest in the kingdom of Arachna that is full of unique trees and plants that give off a rare and unusual pollen that distorts the nervous system of all Humans and Spiders that enter, causing them to become lost.


Long ago, when Corona and Aqune where both very young. The pair was attacked by Buzzrays while riding in a balloon-like flying machine over the forest. During the attack Aqune somehow became lost in the forest due to it's detrimental effect on humans and was eventually found and retrieved by Buguese.

Years later Magma and Battle Spider Brutus braved the forest in an effort to find Brutus's lost little sister Portia. While the pair was unsuccessful in their search, they did meet Hunter Steele, and the Invectid soldier Billbug. Ironically, Billbug helped the group escape the forest when his attempted ambush forced Magma and Brutus to attack him, the damaged caused by there fight created an opening in the forest large enough for the group to escape with ease.


  • Invectids seem to be immune to the effects of the pollen in the forest.

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