First Impressions is the third episode of Spider Riders. It first aired in Canada on March 25, 2006 on Teletoon.




Hunter, Shadow and Corona finally arrive at Arachna Castle. Hunter and Shadow meet Prince Lumen and everything appears to be going well. But Hunter quickly makes a bad impression on the famous Commander Igneous. The disdainful Igneous gets on the wrong side of both Hunter and Shadow after he insults there prowess. Forced to prove themselves, both Hunter and Shadow believe they can beat Igneous.

Igneous and the prince later meet secretly. Lumen apologizes for having to force Igneous to behave in such a manner towards Hunter and Shadow. As it turns out, Igneous's behavior earlier that day was all a ruse. The young commander actually holds both Hunter and Shadow in high regard. While brushing up on there training, Hunter and Shadow are at first unwilling to work together as Spider Rider and Battle Spider, as they are supposed to, both thinking they can fight better than the other. Later that night, Hunter is visited by a young girl who talks to him about his troubles with Shadow, she then suggests that Hunter just be honest with Shadow.

Shadow and Hunter enter the arena to show Igneous what they're made of. But the veteran Spider Rider and his Battle Spider, Flame, prove to be an unstoppable force. It is at this moment the Hunter realizes that he was wrong about working alone and humbly asks Shadow for his help, admitting that he too wants to win, Shadow agrees. After fighting for some time, Prince Lumen declares the battle over, for it was a battle to prove their strengths, not just for show, no winner is declared. The girl Hunter met the night before appears to congratulate him, as it turns out, she is Princess Sparkle of Arachna herself.


In the episode

  • For some reason Shadow fails to recognize Prince Lumen, despite the fact that he is the ruler of Arachna.
  • Igneous' spider is called Flame. "Igneous" means "born of fire", which is suiting to his partner's name.
  • Igneous means "Lava Rock".
  • Hunter officially becomes a Spider Rider.


English dub changes



  • "Hunter get up... I said get up!"- Corona "gently" awakens Hunter.