An Earthen is what the inhabitants of the Inner World call those Humans that come from what they refer to as the Outer or surface world, such as Hunter Steele.


For some time, earthen's had found there way down into the Inner World, some even chose to live the rest of their lives there. One such individual was a man called Mantid, who was brought into the Inner World by the Spirit Oracle. He became a Spider Rider and fought in her name to protect the people of Arachna from the Invectids.

Sometime after this, another earthen arrived in the Inner World, Digger Steele. He also became a Spider Rider, only he battled against his fellow earthen Mantid, who had gone mad with grief and wished to steal the Oracle Keys. His reasons for his attempt at taking the Oracle's power being that he wished revenge upon the Inner World and the Oracle herself after many losses, including his beloved Loraine. It is unknown how or why, but Digger eventually returned to the surface world and wrote of his time there in a journal. This journal would eventually be passed on to his grandson, Hunter Steele.

Sometime after Digger left the Inner World, and before Hunter found his way there. A prophecy was foretold that an earthen would bring about great disaster. It was unknown for a long time whether the prophecy referred to Hunter Steele or not, thus it was equally unknown if he was destined to be Arachna's salvation or lead it to its destruction.

Concerning the prophecy, it stated that an Earthen would bring disaster to the Inner World. Sparkle and Shadow mentioned it, but Sparkle postulated that the Earthen might bring destruction to the enemies of the Arachna Kingdom and not upon them themselves.

Eventually Mantid revealed his secret origins as a human from the surface world, thus making him the prophesized earthen. When Hunter had Mantid at sword point, he sparred Mantid's life, showing him compassion. Mantid was then changed back into his original human form, and was reunited with his love Loraine, granted by the Oracle.


  • The only earthen's seen during the television series are Hunter and Mantid while Digger is also mentioned.
  • Hunter's friend Dave is mentioned in the book series.

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