Digger Steele's Journal
Digger's Journal

First Appearance

The Inner World


Digger Steele
Hunter Steele


A document created to explain everything known about the Inner World.


Currently in the possession of Hunter Steele

Digger Steele's Journal was a small book once owned by a man called Digger Steele.

Digger Steele wrote about the Inner World in his journal. The journal mentioned that to enter the Inner World, one must find the hidden doorway deep within the ruins of an ancient pyramid in the jungle. After inheriting his grandfather's journal, Hunter Steele follows it's instructions and manages to find his way into the Inner World. The journal is neither seen nor mentioned directly again.

Hunter once read a direct quote from the journal: "Deep within the earth there exists another world completely deferent from our own. An underground land unknown to humankind."



  • Though his grandfather's journal told Hunter how to enter the Inner World, it was apparently very lacking in important details. Such as the fact that it apparently has no information about the Spiders, Invectids, or even specifics on the land itself.

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