Digger Steele

First Appearance

The Inner World (mentioned)




Humans, Earthen



English voice actor

Japanese voice actor

Digger Steele is the grandfather of Hunter Steele was an Earthen.


Digger was the one who taught Hunter to "Never Give Up". It is hinted that Digger was the man who thwarted Mantid's plan in the past, and not the hero Quake. Upon entering the Inner World Hunter mentioned his grandfather had spoken about the Inner World at great deal when he was alive suggesting he died before Hunter came to the Inner World.


Digger long ago fought alongside the hero Quake in the past as Spider Riders against Mantid and his Invectid army. He left the Inner World at an unspecified time and returned to his home in the outer world, where he told anyone who would listen about his adventures in the Inner World. His grandson Hunter, chief among his listeners. He eventually wrote much of what he'd learned of the Inner World in a journal, which would eventually be passed on to Hunter. 



  • While he is mentioned several times during the series, Digger's appearance is never once shown, even in flashbacks.

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