Dick DeBenedictis composed music for the Spider Riders anime.

History Edit

Production music is used in many types of media from television to video games and many of these familiar production cues were composed by Dick DeBenedictis (Who is best known for composing music for Perry Mason and of course for his production music that is commonly used in many forms of media especially in the 90s and 2000s). These tracks are most commonly used in television shows starting at least in the early 90s, however these tracks were not released until 2006 when they were released onto the APM website on the album "Dramatic Workshop 26 - Moodsettlers, Link and Stings" as part of the Dramatic Workshop production music series (Which many tracks from shows like Rocko's Modern Life and SpongeBob SquarePants come from). Some of the most famous tracks are "Predators (a)", "Predators (e)" (both of which are modeled after an excerpt from the theme of the 1987 science fiction movie "Predator"), "Evil Mind (3)", "Train Ride (a)" and "Psycho Chase (b)". There are also unreleased tracks that can be heard on various media, some of these include a strings only version of Predators (a) which presumably is the same recording as "Predators (d)" and another are two loud brass notes (similar to "Evil Mind 4") that can be heard (along with a few known and a few unknown tracks) in the suspense sounds

Trivia Edit

  • Spider Riders was a available in the English-dubbed version mostle part of Europe, Asia and South America, Not available in Japan version.

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