Dark Deception

Original Airdate

March 25, 2007



Episode Number



Afraid Of the Dark


Mantid's Trap

Hunter agrees to give Mantid his Oracle Keys so long as the Invectids never attack Arachna again. Quake arrives and reveals Mantid's dark secret to Hunter.

Full Recap

Moved by the plight of the Invectids, Hunter and Shadow are ready to hand the Oracle Keys over to Mantid and end the war. The sudden appearance of the hero Quake changes everything when the old man reveals the truth: Mantid's lust for power is the reason the Invectid's have been robbed of there sunlight. And the Invectid ruler is willing to destroy all of Arachna to gain the rest of Oracle's power. Hunter and Quake escape Mantid's citadel but are pursued by Buguese's Buzzrays.

When Hunter realizes he must make a stand but no longer has the heart to fight the Invectids, Quake sees he's finally learning to be a true hero and demonstrates his mighty Sword of Surrender; the ability to defeat the enemy by taking away their fighting spirit. Hunter reunites with his fellow Spider Riders at the mouth of the labyrinth.

Featured Characters


  • "I came to keep you two fools from being taken in by Mantid's transparent tricks."
    "Hey, he's not that transparent."
    "Well I wasn't fooled, I had suspicions all along!"
    "If you say so."
Quake tells Hunter and Shadow the score, while Shadow fervently denies ever being led astray.
  • "I'm in a beautiful field of flowers."
    "I'd like to tip toe through those tulips."
— Two Invectid Guardsmen reveal there hearts desire, as well as there softer sides while under the influence of one of Quakes illusions.
  • "It makes no sense. Both sides have a legitimate reason to fight. Why continue battling when both of us are right? Then I solved the puzzle. With my 'Sword of Surrender'!"- Quake, explains to Hunter how he came to create the "Sword of Surrender".
  • "Hey, don't just stand there looking like a dummy. Aren't you going to help an old man stand up? Ahhh! Come on, what are you waiting for, Christmas? Oh you young whipper-snappers are all alike."
    "Okay, so maybe he isn't the coolest dude I've ever met."
— While Quake writhes on the ground in agony, Hunter disrespects senior citizens.
  • "That Quake is one strange dude."- Hunter sums up the hero Quake in a five simple words.


  • Hunter's grandfather's full name is revealed as Digger Steele.