The Blossoms of Darkness are a rare type of flower that only grows in the Village of Fragrant Blooms, in the Kingdom of Arachna.

Beerain of the Invectids Big Four once led an assault on the Village of Fragrant Blooms and used the plants own power against those who later came to defend it. She lured Corona, Igneous, and Hunter Steele of the Spider Riders into the cave where the flowers were being cultivated by posing as a village girl, and claiming that the Invectids wished to steal the blossoms for themselves.

Seeking the villagers, they followed her directions and came across the blossoms. The riders Corona and Igneous, not knowing what the plants were capable of were attacked by the blossoms pollen. They were then hypnotized into believing that Hunter was there enemy, and attacked him. Hunter and Shadow destroy the flowers by exposing them to the bright light of the sun. Exposed to the light, the blossoms withered and died and the effect of there pollen was negated.



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