The Battle Beetle was a giant metal beetle-type Invectid machine used by Buguese when fighting the Spider Riders within Oracle's Shrine.

This Battle Beetle has the ability to blind its enemies with a bright light when it opens its armor. This beetle type Invectid showed impressive strength as Prince Lumen, Corona, Igneous and Magma all struggled to survive while fighting it. Hunter defeated it in one shot using the power of one of the Oracle Keys for the first time in the episode "A New Power".

Another variety of Battle Beetle was introduced in the episode "Protectors of Life" and this one had laser cannons and the ability to regenerate damaged parts. Grasshop managed to remove the device that enabled this, allowing Hunter to finish it.



  • Unlike some Invectid machines before it, these Invectids are obviously completely non-sentient machines.
  • Their seem to be several machines that go by the name "Battle Beetle", which may indicate that they come in several different varieties for different kinds of combat.

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