Arachna Castle


Inner World


Prince Lumen of Arachna
Princess Sparkle of Arachna
Hunter Steele
Grasshop (while in exile)
Battle Spider Ebony
Battle Spider Hotarla
Battle Spider Flame
Battle Spider Venus
Battle Spider Shadow
Battle Spider Brutus


Spider Riders

Arachna Castle is the capital of Arachna and home of the Spider Riders.


The force protecting the castle is vast. With its loyal soldiers, the Spider Riders alone fill the people with great pride and respect. The castle itself is run by the young Prince Lumen. Who apparently has to sign many documents to keep things running smoothly.

Places of InterestEdit

  • The Palace - Home to Lumen, and the young Princess Sparkle. The palace contains the throne room, an audience chamber, and the arena.
  • The Arena - A huge circular arena designed to help the Spider Riders train. Shortly after he arrived, Hunter Steele was pitted against Igneous in the arena to prove himself worthy of being a Spider Rider.
  • The Gardens - The palace gardens are one of the most scenic places in all of Arachna.
  • The Market - Around the upper city of Arachna Castle there is a big area to buy many different things and to go. It's also one of the busiest places in all of Arachna.


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