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This article is about the relationship between Aqune and Hunter Steele.

As friendsEdit

When Aqune and Hunter first met she was wearing her mask, so their relationship was antagonistic. However, after Hunter sliced off her mask during a fight the two meet properly. Aqune nursed Hunter after he'd been hurt, this allowed Hunter to see that Aqune was actually a gentle person who did not wish to be his enemy.

It was at this point the Hunter came to the conclusion that Aqune was being held as a prisoner by Buguese and the Invectids, and he made it his mission to rescue her from them. Aqune later corrected Hunter, explaining to him that she had been raised by the Invectids. She also explained that while she did not always approve of there methods, she wished to help them restore sunlight to their land. However, she did seem grateful that Hunter worried about her so much.

As love interestsEdit

Aqune developed an attachment to Hunter while nursing him to health after he was injured during one of their first encounters, believing herself responsible for his injury.

Aqune would often go out of her way to try and get Hunter to see that the Invectids were not all bad, and deserved sunlight as much as the humans. When the two were together they got along well and treated each other very amicably.


  • The friendship between Aqune and Hunter is one of the relationships most often exaggerated in fan Shipping.

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