Aqune's Mask

First Appearance

Memories of Champions


Aqune (wearer)
Battle Spider Portia (wearer)
Buguese (user)


To control the will and actions of the wearer.

Aqune's Mask is the name for a number of masks used to control the mind and abilities of the young human girl Aqune, rendering her under the direct control of Mantid, leader of the Invectid Nation.

Aqune had freely lent her powers to Buguese and the Invectids to help them in their search for the Oracle Keys, but due to her pacifistic nature, she did not wish to fight. To insure that she would fight, Buguese controlled her with the masks, though she would always come to her senses whenever her masks were broken. This was no longer an issue when she was given a new stronger type of mask, which latched into her brain painfully and put her directly under Mantid's control. Until it was removed by Buguese himself.

It was shown to have the powers of:

  • Hypnosis: Wearing the masks, Aqune became susceptible to Buguese's suggestions and will.
  • Strengthening: The last of the masks proved capable of storing the Oracle's power, and even allowing Aqune to utilize it.


  • Of the powers listed, the original masks appeared to only hypnotize Aqune from the start. It wasn't until a new kind of mask was created that could withstand the Oracle's power.

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